Post-Christmas Fun

After Christmas, we call got attacked with the flu. Nobody was spared. It was a rough couple of days, but we still managed to have fun.

RSM Lake

RSM Lake

Diane at RSM Lake

Diane happy by the lake

RSM Lake

Sunset after one lap (i.e., mile) around lake

Pink's Hot Dogs

Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood

Pink's Hot Dog

Sadly, one of the worst hot dogs I’ve ever eaten

Diane’s coleslaw dog was better

When I’m home, I love taking walks around the lake. Boy, do I sound like an old person nowadays. Oh yeah, we also went to Pink’s Hot Dog stand in Hollywood. We waited at least 45 minutes in line and the food was NO GOOD! Seriously, I will never go back. The Food Network recommendation was a total let down for me. Diane enjoyed her dog, but I sure didn’t.





Fernando and Diane

My lover and me

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

Fallen Christmas Tree

Our poor tree!

Yes, can you believe it? We came home from LA and this is what the living looked like. Our poor tree lay prostrate on the ground. Fortunately, few ornaments were lost and the piano wasn’t hit. Anyway, that’s our vacation in a nutshell!

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One Response to Post-Christmas Fun

  1. dana says:

    yes, PINKS is no good (in my book). Casey likes it but I say, ewwwww. Glad you had a fun day in LA though!

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